I realize customized handmade headpieces like tiaras, horns and other sacred and profane accessories

Roberta Garbin was born in Italy, in 1981. Many things could be told about her early life: her passion for fashion, art and creativity was clear since she was a little girl, because she used to draw everywere, dressed up dolls in bizarre ways, and made big hairstyles for each of them.

Growing up, she moved from her little town to Bologna, the city that definitely gave her the courage to express herself by getting in touch with so many artists and inspiring people to learn from.

Photography had a very important role in this growth because posing was (is) the best way to translate her visions in outfits, make up and accessories that she creates for each concept: thanks to this, during the years she received countless requests for commissions, so the decision to add an artcraft section to her business was a natural growth.

Since 2012 she is the owner of Pazzesque, a shop for wigs, make up and special effects located in the heart of the city. If you peek through the backdoor, you will see a little laboratory where she works all day long surrounded by sculpted objects, resins, flowers and fabric: that space is where the magic happens.